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The Government Structure
Sint Eustatius is one of three public enterties that form part of the Dutch Kingdom, located in the Caribbean. The government consist of an Island council and an Executive Council (administrative body). The Island Council of the Island Territory of St. Eustatius consists of five members and is chaired by the Island Governor of Sint Eustatius. The Island council in turn appoints two (2) commissioners who along with the Governor of Sint Eustatius forms the Executive Council.

The Executive Council of St. Eustatius is made up of commissioners who inturn are responsible for various portfolios, where under which you will find the government departments or foundations. Every four (4) years an Island election is called where members are elected to the Island Council.

Mr. Julian Woodley
Act. Island Governor of St. Eustatius
with the following portfolios

- Census, Civil Regristry and Elections

- Disaster Management, Public Order and Safety

- Governor's Cabinet

- Compulsory Education

Tel: (599)-318-2552 Fax: (599)-318-2324
E-mail: act.isl.governor@statiagov.com

Mr. Derrick Simmons,

Commissioner with the following portfolios:

- Constitutional Affairs

- Government Buildings

- Telecommunication

- Building and Housing Control

- Tourism

- Energy and Water Distribution

- Airport

- Social Affairs and Culture

- Environment and Nature Management

- Monument Care, Preservation and Historic Core

- Information Technology

Tel.nr: + 599-318-2382 Fax: + 599-318-2880 Mobile: + 599-318-5453
E-mail: comm.dsimmons@statiagov.com

Mrs. Astrid McKenzie-Tatem,

Commissioner with the following portfolios:

- Legal Affairs

- Finance & Taxes

- Economic Affairs

- General Affairs / Planning Bureau

- Information & Protocol

- Personel Affairs

- Harbor

- Public Health

- Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

- Registry of Public Properties

- Waste Management

- Labour and Senior Citizen Care

Tel.nr.: 599-318-2373 Fax: 599-318-2373
E-Mail: comm.amckenzie@statiagov.com

The Island Council
- Ms. F.A. Spanner
- Ms. R. Leerdam
- Mr. R. Merkman
- Mr. K. Sneek
- Mr. C. van Putten

The Island Council members can be reached on the following E-Mail: island.council@statiagov.com

This is the Executive Council of the Government of the Public Entity of St. Eustatius since March 2015


  Outside the Government Building, Oranjestad  

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