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Welcome From the Governor of Sint Eustatius
Welcome From the Governor of Sint Eustatius
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Welcome to Sint Eustatius
Welcome to Sint Eustatius! Thank you for visiting our website! With the information displayed here and the links available, you are guaranteed an exposure to a gem in the Caribbean like no other: "Sint Eustatius", also called "Statia".

We are an island with a small and pleasant population; a people who blend old Caribbean hospitality, with European charm and American flair, all into one. We are an island not yet discovered by many and it would be no strange thing if this was your first encounter with us. If you are a tourist, let me say: "you can truly escape the hustle and bustle". You will find genuine tranquility, historical scenery, unparalleled diving, and authentic cultural experiences here.

If you are an investor, get hold of the government's vision document on sustainable development for this island. Socio-economic, infrastructural, administrative and fiscal improvement programs are well in place and our position within the Dutch kingdom provides the backdrop of political stability and the level playing field you will be concerned to have. If you're looking for employment or just looking for the right place to call 'home', feel free to deepen your perusal. If you are a resident, save this website as a favorite and stay informed.

And certainly, if there are still questions, just ask!


Mr. Julian Woodley
Island Governor of St. Eustatius


Island Governor of St. Eustatius Mr. Julian Woodley.


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